Protecting Schools’ Remote-Learning Devices with CARES Act Funding

The global pandemic has completely shifted the way we approach the world and our daily lives, and few areas have been harder hit than education.Schools have been...

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How Rutgers is Keeping Tech Store Customers Happy During Shutdowns

For some campus technology stores, the statewide lockdowns provided the impetus to develop new promotions and processes. But, for one group of stores in New Jersey,...

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University of Utah Campus Store Perfects the Art of Curbside Service

The global pandemic continues to present businesses with many unique challenges. With social distancing and other safety measures in place, many businesses have...

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Short-term tech insurance for schools & businesses

A new technology insurance policy built for schools and businesses impacted by the COVID-19 shutdowns

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How to submit a claim

Step-by-step instructions on how to submit a claim via our customer account portal

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Step inside our online portal

Learn everything about Safeware’s customer account portal from the industry experts who built it.

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Internet Lingo: Deciphering Cookies & Secure Websites

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Using the 20-20-20 Rule to Alleviate Eye Strain

Does your work, school, or play entail you staring at a computer screen for hours on end? Whether it’s crunching numbers into excel at work, studying your Quizlets...

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Should You Shut Down, Sleep, or Hibernate Your Computer?

Shutting your computer down conserves the most energy when you step away. This closes your current apps or documents that were in use and shuts down your operating...

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Company Culture: Associate Appreciation Week and the Summer Outing

We all know that uneasy feeling when the alarm shrieks at 6:30 am Monday morning. Your brain is foggy, eyes are heavy, and your body is aching from the past...

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