Answers to Common Technology Protection Plan Questions

December 9, 2023 by Taylor Thompson Technology insurance 0

Understanding technology protection plans can be confusing with so many options and details to consider. To simplify the process, we've answered some of the most frequently asked questions about these plans.

Whether you're curious about coverage specifics, costs, or the claims process, this guide provides the clarity you need.


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Others frequently ask…
  • While they go by many names, each of these terms refers to the same type of added coverage for your device. Most device manufacturers offer some type of standard warranty on their products, but it is usually limited in both what it covers and how long the coverage is offered for. Very simply, “protection plans” / “extended warranties” expand both coverage options and length for your device 
    • Covers all shipping costs; boxes are included upon request. 

    • AC Adaptors. 

    • Liquid Submersion. 

    • Mechanical/electrical failure (after the manufacturer's warranty has expired). 

    • Accidental Damage from Handling (if you purchased an ADH plan). 

    • One plan for blended deployments (multiple manufacturers). 
    • Safeware provides coverage across all product manufacturers, including blended deployments of brands. 
    • Dedicated Safeware Client Services representative. 

    • Informational Welcome Letter. 

    • Private Partner Portal experience with bulk and/or individual claims filing capabilities, bulk shipping, and claims status reporting. 

    • White-glove orientation on what to do and expect in the claims process. 

    • Support of all product manufacturers and blended deployments. 

    • Support of on-site technology departments who wish to perform their own repairs.

    • Nationwide depot repair network. 
    • The standard turnaround time is 10 Days. Below is the approximate timeline for a typical repair: 
      • Submission: online portal or toll-free call – 1 Day. 

      • Processing: Label Sent with 2-day shipping – 2 Days. 

      • Facilitation: 5-day Turnaround (Starts when the device is received) - 5 Days. 

      • Completion: Device Returned with 2-day shipping – 2 Days. 

    • Same day service for smartphones. If you get the device in before 10am, it will be ready to be shipped back out that same day. 
    • Yes, Safeware covers all shipping costs including bulk shipments. Boxes are provided on request. 
    • Shipping blackout dates are when the school or business is closed for breaks and vacations such as a December holiday break or summer vacation. 

    • To ensure devices are not left for a long period of time at an empty building, campus, or school, Safeware needs to be informed of these dates, so we are able to inform our servicers to hold the devices until administrators are back on campus to receive the devices. Contact us here: 
    • Safeware maintains quality standards for device repairs through a certified repair network. Our certification process ensures technicians have the necessary skills, and we regularly update requirements. 
      • Data security is a top priority which we maintain with strict protocols.  

      • Repair times vary by device but are expedited while maintaining quality.  

      • We closely monitor and reduce rework rates.  

      • We prefer repair over replacement when possible.  

      • Our service network team ensures that claims are assigned to suitable providers located in your geographic area while upholding our high-quality standards. 

      • We manage repair volume efficiently with strategic allocation. 

      • We prioritize environmental sustainability and collaborate with service providers who share our commitment to sustainable practices. 
    • If you fail to provide the servicer with appropriate access to the device, the servicer can only address the issue reported, but cannot necessarily verify if the repair was successful or reconnect functionality of certain components.   

    • Specifically, the servicers cannot ensure that the operating systems, touchscreens, cameras and many other components, listed below are what can and cannot be verified post repair with and without full access to the device. 

    What cannot be tested when the device is not unlocked, and the passcode is not provided: 

    • All keys. 

    • Complete touch screen functions. 

    • Wi-Fi connectivity. 

    • Bluetooth. 

    • Cameras (selfie and world facing). 

    • Intermittent issue testing. 

    • Battery health (overheating, battery life). 
    • Yes, with our service partners, we ensure they are HIPPA compliant and follow all guidelines.  

    • If you are sending in your device to be repaired, we recommend customers back up their information such as photos, texts, apps, etc. before sending their device. 

    • When a claim has been approved, the customer will be asked to provide a guest admin login to the unit. This deprovision is for our servicers to do their final check to ensure a quality check.  

    • The customer can also unlock the device beforehand to enable the servicer to complete a final quality check. 

    • The servicers will not intrude on personal information, they will simply do a quality check for the device and log-off. 
    • No, we do not require the customer to ship their broken charger.  

    • You will need to create a claim for the broken charger, and we will send you a new one. 
    • For leased devices, Safeware may need to follow different procedures in the event of a product replacement or claim settlement. Please inform your Safeware Client Services representative if this is the case. Contact us at: 
    • Absolutely, environmental sustainability is a top priority for Safeware! 

    • Safeware partners with servicers who are aligned with our values and who have a primary goal of refurbishing or repairing every possible device. Our service partners prioritize identifying the most responsible and safe distribution method for any remaining units, which typically involves salvaging device components to prevent landfill waste or recycling the device. 

    • Our Authorized Service Network includes providers who meet best practices for environmental sustainability and data sensitivity. 

      • Those service partners pursue a zero-landfill policy and are committed to reducing the environmental impact of these devices.

      • Their operations are guided by R2v3 Certified processes. They document and track each device by its serial number, ensuring secure and responsible resale or disposal, creating limited environmental impact. 

Questions Specifically for Commercial Resellers:

    • Yes, Safeware helps resellers become licensed to assist their partners in running a complaint, underwritten program. 

    • Florida and California require licensing for any entity selling protection plans in their states. 
      • Florida requires both commercial and consumer-based sales.  
      • California requires licensing for consumer-based sales. 

    • We will offer guidance, resources, and any other assistance needed for our partners to receive licensing.  
    • Yes, you can sell Safeware protection plans and be a service provider for both products you sell as well as other products Safeware covers.
    • Yes, Safeware has many partner servicers who work outside of the devices they sell. 


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