Answers to Common College Technology Protection Plan Questions

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Should Students Get Renters Insurance for their College Dorm?

This is a great question and one more and more students and parents are asking.Moving out of the house and onto your college campus is an exciting transition that...

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Protecting Schools’ Remote-Learning Devices with CARES Act Funding

The global pandemic has completely shifted the way we approach the world and our daily lives, and few areas have been harder hit than education.Schools have been...

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How Rutgers is Keeping Tech Store Customers Happy During Shutdowns

For some campus technology stores, the statewide lockdowns provided the impetus to develop new promotions and processes. But, for one group of stores in New Jersey,...

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University of Utah Campus Store Perfects the Art of Curbside Service

The global pandemic continues to present businesses with many unique challenges. With social distancing and other safety measures in place, many businesses have...

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Buying Your First College Computer

With the return of Target’s back to school jingles playing on every channel on a constant loop, you are probably reminded of your long college checklist if you’re a...

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