6 Essential Care tips For Students’ Devices

April 4, 2024 by Taylor Thompson Higher Education, K-12 0

Navigating the elevated risk environment of K-12 education can be challenging for students and their devices. To help ensure the longevity and optimal performance of these essential tools, we've compiled 6 simple yet effective care tips and tricks. Learn how to protect and maintain devices for lasting performance and durability!


K-12 Tips Infographic (1)

6 Essential Care tips For Students’ Devices

  1. Guard It:
    • Use a protective case to guard your device against damage.
  2. Cord Caution:
    • Be mindful of power cords to prevent accidents.

  3. Close Carefully:
    • Before closing your laptop, ensure there are no objects like pens or earbuds inside.
  4. Stay Dry:
    • Avoid eating or drinking near your device to prevent spills.
  5. Safe Storage:
    • Keep your device in a secure location and use it responsibly.
  6. Immediate Reporting:
    • Report any accidents or malfunctions promptly to address issues efficiently.

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