How to Safeguard K-12 Chromebook Deployments with Protection Plans

January 12, 2024 by Taylor Thompson K-12 0

In the dynamic K-12 education landscape, ensuring equitable access to reliable technology is crucial for fostering learning and preparing students for the future.

Two educational institutions faced challenges managing their extensive Chromebook deployments. In this case study, discover how Safeware tailored product protection solutions to meet the needs of these two unique K-12 institutions.



1. Statewide TEXAS School system


  • Device Type: Chromebooks
  • Coverage Type: Premium Plan with Accidental Damage from Handling (ADH) Protection
  • Unit Count: 15,337
  • Business Need: Custom solution with unlimited covered repairs for the lifetime of the student’s devices (Freshman to Senior year).

Challenge: A prominent statewide school system with multiple sites across Houston, Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio faced the challenge of safeguarding 15,337 Chromebooks.

Their business need included a comprehensive device protection plan with unlimited covered repairs throughout the students' academic journey.

Safeware Solution: Safeware provided a Premium Plan with Accidental coverage, ensuring both expected and unexpected damages were fully covered.

The custom solution and robust authorized repair network provided a safety net for students from Freshman to Senior year, creating an uninterrupted learning environment.

Result: Safeware's solution exceeded expectations, unifying multiple school sites under a single, comprehensive protection plan. The statewide implementation successfully addressed the unique challenges faced by this Texas school system.


2. Countywide School system


  • Device Type: Chromebooks
  • Coverage Type: Standard Plan
  • Unit Count: 20,000
  • Business Need: Single solution to streamline claims and repairs for a large K-12 deployment.

Challenge: A countywide school system in Indiana with a deployment of 20,000 Chromebooks sought a cost-effective protection plan that offered a streamlined process for claims and repairs to ensure the success of their 1:1 program.

Safeware Solution: The district implemented Safeware's Standard Plan, ideal for large-scale deployments with less severe repair needs. This plan covered parts and labor, mechanical and electrical failure, and had no deductibles or service fees. The streamlined plan and claims process ensured minimal downtime for students and a quick turnaround for device repairs.

Result: The success of the 1:1 program was attributed to the efficiency and device up-time facilitated by Safeware's Standard Plan and service network. The solution significantly contributed to the overall success of the countywide initiative. 

“I want to thank you on behalf of the **** County School Corp. We have had a successful 1:1 program this year in large part due to the support of your Safeware team.  Safeware did a great job.” - **** County Tech Director



In the dynamic landscape of K-12 education, Safeware has proven to be a reliable partner for schools seeking customized device protection solutions.

The case studies above showcase Safeware's ability to understand and address the unique challenges faced by educational institutions nationwide, ultimately contributing to the success of their technology initiatives. In the last decade alone, Safeware has partnered with over 6,500 schools and districts nationwide to protect their device deployments.

As technology continues to evolve, Safeware remains committed to empowering educational institutions and ensuring that students have access to reliable and equitable technology throughout their learning journey.

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