Answers to Common College Technology Protection Plan Questions

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  • While they go by many names, each of these terms refers to the same type of added coverage for devices. While most product manufacturers offer a standard warranty, it is usually limited in what it covers and how long the coverage is offered for. Safeware protection plans expand both coverage options and length for your device. 
    • Visit, go to “Report New Claim,” and enter your serial number or order number. 

    • If you are on-campus, some bookstores prefer to handle the claims handling process. Make sure to check with your bookstore to see if you need to bring in your device or file claim directly with Safeware. 

    • Claims can also be filed by calling 1-800-800-1492 Monday to Friday 8:00am – 6:00pm Eastern with your contract number (found on your declarations page), serial number, or proof of purchase. 
    • If you are registered, all you need is your device’s serial number.  

    • If you have not registered, you will need to register and then provide your device’s serial number.  
    • Coverage starts on the date of purchase of the device. 

    • Our ADH (Accidental Damage while Handling) coverage begins on day one.  

    • Warranty issues (mechanical breakdown not related to an external event) coverage begins on the day Manufacturer’s Warranty ends. 
    • ADH (Accidental Damage while Handling). 

    • Mechanical breakdown. 

    • 2-year, 3-year, and 4-year coverage/warranty options. 

    • Liquid damage (spills). 

    • Broken Screen. 

    • Safeware is flexible in servicing options if a Safeware servicer is not available, Safeware will still cover the repair on a reimbursement basis provided an itemized estimate is submitted and approved. 
    • Battery consumption. 

    • Software. 

    • Viruses. 

    • Hard drive recovery. 

    • Cyber security protection. 

    • Theft. 

    • Natural disaster. 

    • Accessories and/or Peripherals that were not originally included with the device such as cases or stylus are not covered. 
    • Anything that comes in the original box will be covered. For example, if you purchase an iPad, it’s everything that comes with the device that is essential to its use. Not add-on items that were purchased separately. 

    • Essentially if you purchased add-on items such as a stylus or case those will not be covered. 
    • If you are studying abroad, you still have coverage during that time. If you are out of the country and have an issue with your device, you can upload an itemized quote via Upon approval, you will pay out of pocket, and then you will be reimbursed either by direct deposit or a paper check sent to a United States based location. 

    • You will need to submit an estimate to Safeware. We will approve based on the exchange rate of that day.  
    • If you transfer schools, Safeware needs to be informed because your new school may have its own repair options. Your coverage may have notes attached to it that state it can only be repaired on a specific campus.  

    • It is a good idea when transferring schools to indicate you are at a different school when filing the claim or contact Safeware to ensure your coverage is transferred and tied to another Safeware-affiliated school. 

    • If you drop out, you can still get coverage through one of our servicers. It is for everyone, it is just sold through college bookstores, so you do not have to be an active, enrolled college student.  

    • Very few bookstores will not sell to non-students, it is their policy, not our rule, we respect the school's policy. If your bookstore does not sell to non-students, but you purchased your plan as a student, your Safeware coverages are still active for the entire purchased period. 
    • If you are selling your device or giving it away to someone, you could sell the warranty along with it and the device would still be covered.  

    • Coverage is not going to start over, but it is transferable to another person. You will need to contact Safeware to transfer your plan at 
    • You may purchase a plan any time during the original manufacturer’s warranty period. 

    • You will need to take the device to your bookstore for confirmation of insurability. 

    • Please note the coverage reverts to the original manufacturer’s warranty period. 
    • This is subject to the rules of the bookstore. Many of our bookstore partners allow students to add Safeware to previously purchased devices. Please check with your bookstore for their rules and policies. 

    • In any case, you must bring the physical device into the bookstore. 
    • Anyone is eligible for a HiED protection Plan as long as you are purchasing or located near a college bookstore. 

    • This plan is best for those who are a resident of the United States as our paid claims are limited to United States' dollars. 

    • Plans have to be purchased from a partner university bookstore. 
    • Yes, if you are eligible for renewal, you will receive three notifications to your registered email address. 

    • You will receive these emails 45-days, 30-days, and 5-days prior to your coverage term on your Safeware paperwork. The offer ends the day after your term date. 


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