Buying Your First College Computer

June 12, 2019 by Elyse S. Higher Education 0

With the return of Target’s back to school jingles playing on every channel on a constant loop, you are probably reminded of your long college checklist if you’re a student. This year you’re going to need to purchase more than a new lunchbox! That’s right, set the gushers and go-gurts aside, it’s time for you to make a responsible decision on which laptop to purchase. With so many different brands and designs, choosing the right laptop can cause a headache. With this guide we hope you can make a confident decision on purchasing a new laptop.

  1. Keep in mind what your college recommends. Some schools recommend a particular model for their students. This is especially important when looking at what your intended major recommends. For example, a graphic design major would require a laptop with certain systems and updated software, while this may not be as pertinent to you if you are psychology or history major.
  2. Don’t ignore the campus store. In addition to the benefit of not having a laptop to worry about keeping protected on move-in day, many campus stores have great discounts or promotions. Back in the day (about a year ago) my college gave away a pair of Beats headphones with a purchase of a laptop, which I took full advantage of. In addition to a new pair of headphones, buying from the campus store makes it easier to get product protection and allows you to become familiar with the local tech support. 
  3. PC vs MAC (Yup, I went there). Although this is a controversial topic, it must be addressed because there are certain aspects about both manufacturers that could make their products perfect for you. 
  • Price: If you want to stay under $1,000, you should plan on choosing a PC. Apple typically prides itself in being a high-end brand, making it more expensive. 
  • Touchscreen: If a touchscreen is important to you, go with a PC. The only touchscreen characteristics found on a Mac is the touch bar, available on select models.  
  • Security: PC’s take up the majority of the market, making them an easier target for malware. Less Macs sold = less viruses created for Mac’s operating system (OS X).
  • Design: Macs are sleekly designed. If the appearance matters to you, Mac is the one for you. 
As you can see, there are plenty of decisions you must make leading up to purchasing your laptop. It might help to make a list of what is most important to you so that you do not regret making the decision you do. Lastly, the most important piece of advice is to make sure you purchase a protection plan such as Safeware to ensure you own your device with confidence!