The Restriction of Parenting Apps

May 3, 2019 by Stephanie Wise 0

With technology becoming a normal part of children’s lives at a younger age than ever before, many parents and guardians are concerned about the adverse effects this can have.

To combat these fears, numerous apps for tablets and phones have been created that allow parents to control what their children has access to and how long they spend on their tech devices during the day.

Over the past year, Apple has restricted a handful of these apps over fear of privacy and security risks. This conflict centers around MDM, or mobile device management software. MDM is traditionally used in the workplace to allow associates to use their own devices and gives the company the ability to secure employee-owned devices to protect company information.

These parental-control apps that utilize MDM are said to violate Apple’s App Store requirements, citing that MDM should be used for enterprise use only. Apple also states that these apps can be vulnerable to hackers.

What do you think? Do you believe that these apps should still be available despite their vulnerabilities? Let us know below!