Keep Your Pets Entertained With These Apps

February 26, 2019 by Stephanie Wise 0

While you may think that your smartphone or tablet is meant to entertain you and make your life easier, you’re forgetting about man’s best friend! Cats and dogs can now benefit from touch-screen technology just as much as you can. Here are three apps to keep your furry friend entertained.

  1. Cat Fishing

Between the sounds, movement, and screen vibration, your cat will be captivated for hours! There are even different levels based on how many fish your cat can “catch” in a certain amount of time. And if kitty doesn’t want to play with the fish, she can also just watch from a distance and be equally as amused.

  1. Game for Dogs

This game features various creatures running across the screen that your furry friend can chase after. Digital paw prints are left, creating a visually engaging experience for your pup. While this game is simple, it’s sure to keep your pet entertained!

  1. Happy Wings

This app is able to be enjoyed by cats and dogs alike. In this game, feathered creatures fly across the screen. When your pet taps a certain number of animals, the settings change and allow for new patterns and more creatures to emerge to continually keep them entertained.