Company Culture: Associate Appreciation Week and the Summer Outing

June 26, 2019 by Elyse S. 0

We all know that uneasy feeling when the alarm shrieks at 6:30 am Monday morning. Your brain is foggy, eyes are heavy, and your body is aching from the past weekend’s festivities. Work seems like an impossible feat. This paralleled the way I was feeling last Monday morning until I walked into work. Surprised by the vibrant decorations placed all throughout the office, my mood seemed to simultaneously lighten with every balloon and streamer I encountered. As I sat down at my desk, I received an email announcing that a myriad of delicious sugary breakfast cereals, fruit, juice, and milk were provided for breakfast. This was only the kick-off to Associate Appreciation week, and I already felt super appreciated!  

On Tuesday, the office transformed into the 2019 Summer Games. Each associate was divided among ten teams. Tasked with creating a name, a theme, and electing a team captain, each team was out for gold. With five teams competing on Tuesday and the rest on Thursday, there was constant excitement radiating throughout the office.  Through five different events, teams had multiple opportunities to score big.

Wednesday broke the two competition days up with a Happy Hour. Dedicated towards the new internal system created by a team of our talented associates, the company came together to enjoy some good food, drinks, and a great deal of appreciation towards the new innovation.

The work week ended with Friday and a surprise ice cream treat. Organized by a few associates, two coolers were wheeled around that played the ice cream truck song which caused my fellow associates and me to have flashbacks of our childhood. All in all, it was an extraordinary work week.

After a week of yummy snacks and competitions, Saturday was Safeware’s Annual Summer Outing at Camp Mary Orton. This provided a unique opportunity to bring coworkers and their extended families together and enjoy a fun day in the sun.

With this being my first time interning at Safeware, I was so impressed by the culture the company exhibited. Dedicating a week towards bonding with co-workers, celebrating past accomplishments, and setting new goals portrayed Safeware's “no I in team” mentality.