Answers to Common Appliance Protection Plan Questions

November 18, 2023 by Taylor Thompson Appliances 0

Choosing the right appliance protection plan can be overwhelming with the numerous options and fine print to navigate.

To help you make an informed decision, we've compiled answers to the most common questions about these plans. From coverage details to costs and claims processes, this guide offers the clarity you need.


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  • While they go by many names, each of these terms refers to the same type of added coverage for appliances. While most product manufacturers offer some type of standard warranty, it is usually fairly limited in both what it covers and how long the coverage is offered for. Safeware protection plans expand both coverage options and length for your equipment. 
    • Claims can be filed on, via mobile device or computer.  

    • Claims can also be filed by calling your Safeware adjuster via 800-800-1492.  

    • The essential information needed: name and phone number. 

    • Additional information you can add to easily locate your claim: address, email address, serial number, reference number, or plan number. 

    • When initially submitting your claim, you will only need to provide your name and phone number/email address. If more information and documentation is needed your adjuster will follow-up with you directly. 

    • If the unit is making an unusual noise, a video recording of the sound prevents delay in claim processing.  

    • If an item breaks, a photo showing where the break occurred also prevents delays. 
  • Safeware appliance protection begins when the appliance is delivered. 

    • Food spoilage credit.
    • Power surge protection. 

    • All parts and labor covered. 

    • No deductibles. 

    • No service fees.

    • National service network. 

    • No limit on the number of covered repairs. 
    • No yearly maintenance. 

    • Pet damage is not covered by appliance policies. 

    • Accidental damage such as dings and scratches are not covered under appliance policies. 

    • Light bulbs. 

    • Invasion. 

    • War. 

    • Terrorist attacks. 

    • Acts of God.

    • Fire, floods, and other natural disasters.  

    • Infestation such as cockroaches or bed bugs. 
    • No there is no limit on the number of covered repairs. 

    • This is a key benefit of Safeware’s appliance protection plans. 
    • No, you will need to purchase individual plans for each product. 
    • Often when customers purchase multiple appliances, each product will have different delivery times and dates. If we were to offer bundled deals, we would be depriving certain products (with earlier delivery dates) of full protection time. This decision was made to better and fully serve all of our customers. 
    • If the repair or replacement for your appliance is no longer in production, Safeware will give you a single item credit that matches the dollar amount of your previous purchase. 
      • Additionally, Safeware has a multitude of appliance partners we can direct you to if your current store is no longer available. 

      • If you are using your single item credit and you would like to purchase a more expensive item, you can use your credit, but you will have to pay the difference.  

      • The single item credit does not include tax, delivery, and reinstallation. 
    • If you move out of state, Safeware’s warranty will move with you as we are available in all 50 states. 
      • Safeware coverage follows the serial number. 
      • This also means, if you sell your appliance before your warranty is over, your Safeware warranty will stay with the product. This can be a major selling point as you sell your used appliance. 
    • Safeware’s appliance warranty picks up where the manufacturer leaves off, we are essentially an extension of a manufacturer’s warranty. Everything the manufacturer covers in the first year, we extend that coverage to five years while adding additional benefits. 

    • Manufacturers do not have added benefits such as power surge, food spoilage, laundry credit. 

    • If you are a commercial entity and you purchase a residential appliance, you will not be able to purchase an appliance protection plan. 

    • If you are purchasing a commercial appliance for a residential property, you cannot purchase an appliance protection plan.
    • Safeware offers in-home repairs.  

    • While Safeware does not provide routine maintenance, here is a maintenance pro-tip: the product must be maintained according to the manufacturer’s standard maintenance recommendations. 
    • Replacement plans: 
      • For products under $300:
        • It is a 2-year plan where Safeware will replace your appliance (less than $300) if the damage/malfunctions fall under Safeware’s appliance warranty criteria. 
      • If your appliance is over $300, you cannot purchase a Safeware replacement-only plan. 
      • Safeware covers appliances with or without manufacturer’s warranties. 
        • If your appliance does not have an original manufacturer's warranty, Safeware offers three-months, six-months, one-year, two-year, or three-year coverage. 
    • Safeware’s Appliance Product Protection plans have many benefits including food spoilage credit, laundry credit, power surge protection, coverage for all parts and labor, no deductibles or service fees, and a national service network. Ultimately though the decision is a personal one that will differ from person to person based on their preferences, needs, and level of risk tolerance. 

    • Before making your decision, it is a great idea to check the warranty company’s reputation, how long they have been in business, and if they are backed by a strong underwriter.  

    • Looking at a company’s online reviews using platforms such as Facebook, Google, or BBB can give you great insight when deciding if you should purchase a specific extended warranty. 

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