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  • While they go by many names, each of these terms refers to the same type of added coverage for furniture. While most product manufacturers offer some type of standard warranty, it is usually fairly limited in both what it covers and how long the coverage is offered for. Safeware protection plans extend the types and duration of coverage for your furniture. 
    • Claims can be filed on, via mobile device or computer.  

    • Claims can also be filed by calling Safeware directly at 800-800-1492.  
    • The minimum information you will need to file a claim is: your reference number or plan number. Both of these can be found on your Declarations page or by online search at

    • If both are unknown or unavailable, you can locate your coverage using your: name, phone number, street address, or email address.  
    • As your furniture claim progresses, additional questions may arise which will need additional information. If this is the case, your assigned adjuster will keep you informed and updated throughout your claims process. 
    • The most important documentation you will need to provide for a furniture claim is photos of the damage. Please note that the photos you provide must capture the entire piece of the relevant furniture, in addition to close-up photos of the specific damage. 
    • You can include the photos via your claim submission form by attaching the photos in the document upload section.
    • If you are sending photos via email or text, please only include 2 to 3 photos per message.  
    • With the photos, your online claim submission form should also include: 
    •  A complete description of the damages. 

    • How the damages occurred. 

    • The date of the loss. 
    • Safeware Furniture Protection Plans begin on Day 1. If the furniture is bought in-store, the protection plan begins on the day it is delivered. If the furniture is bought through an ecommerce platform, the protection plan begins on the day it is purchased.  

    More information: 

    • If your furniture is still under the 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, you should not file a claim with Safeware unless it is for a coverage benefit we offer that is not included in the manufacturer warranty. Accidental damage and stains are common examples of Safeware benefits that are not covered by manufacturers’ warranties.  
    • Safeware’s Furniture Protection Plans were created from years of input and feedback received from furniture dealers and customers. They were designed to meet the evolving needs in the market and give dealers the opportunity to better serve their customers.

      Here are the key coverages of Safeware’s furniture protection plans: 
    • Pet damage from a single incident (damage occurring naturally over time does not qualify for coverage). 

    • Accidental damage and stains. 
    • Damage accumulated over time does not qualify for coverage. 
    • Seam separation, zippers, and cushion cores (Covered as a limited, one-time $50 benefit per cushion). 

    • Mechanical or electrical failure, or manufacturing defects. (This includes the breakdown or separation of frames, springs, reclining mechanisms, massage and heating coils, etc.) 

    • Full parts and labor coverage. 
    • Jaws, Claws, and Beaks: Safeware’s pet damage covers anything your domestic pet may do to your furniture such as bite it, scratch it, or chew it in a single accident occurrence. 

    • We do not cover non-domesticated animal damage (such as a pesky squirrel intruder), if a wild animal sneaks into your home it will not be covered. Safeware’s pet damage coverage is for your personal pets such as cats, dogs, and domesticated parakeets.  

    • Safeware’s pet damage is a single accident occurrence. This means you can have multiple claims of pet damage, but each occurrence must be their own individual claim. For example, your dog bites a hole in your couch, as soon as possible report this claim. In six months, your dog bites a new hole into your couch, you report this second claim right away. Both of those claims would be approved. However, if you waited after the first biting incident and created a claim only after the second bite, the claim will not be approved because it is now cumulative damage.  
    • There is an exception to this rule, if you were away from your home for an extended period and damage was done while you were gone then your claim will be covered. For example, you were on vacation and your dog had multiple accidents on your couch while you were on your trip, your claim will be approved. 
    • Safeware was the first company in the protection plan industry to cover pet damage, which created an industry standard. Over 60% of Americans have pets in their household, we are happy to help their owners live seamlessly with their furry or feathery best friends. 
    • Safeware does not cover: 
    • Leather peeling away over time.
    • Matching Sets are not covered. 

    • Safeware does not provide annual cleanings. 
    • Cushion Cores, Zippers, and Seam Separation does not have a repair option. Instead, the customer receives a one-time $50 credit or check.  
    • The processing time for a Safeware furniture claim can vary depending on several factors such as the complexity of the claim, the availability of documentation, and the speed of communication between the claimant and Safeware. However, typically, the process can take between 7 to 14 business days from the time the claim is submitted to Safeware.  

    • The number one cause for delay in furniture claims is due to parts procurement. Some manufacturers operate overseas and have minimum volume requirements. As such, part orders can cause delays. 

    • During this time, Safeware will review the claim and any supporting documentation to determine if the claim is covered by the warranty. If additional information or documentation is required, the processing time may be extended. Once the claim has been approved, Safeware will work with the claimant to provide a resolution such as repair, replacement, or reimbursement. 
    • Our Furniture Protection Plans are a single-accident occurrence. This means you should report your claim as soon as the damage has been caused.  
    • You have 10 days to report an accident or stain. 

    • You have 30 days to report a manufacturer defect. 
    • A single accident occurrence does not cover cumulative, over-time damage, so it is very important that you file a claim directly after the damage occurs. For example, if you get a stain, you file a claim right after this incident occurred. In six months, you got another stain and filed another claim directly after the second occurrence. Both stains were covered with no issue. If you waited after the first stain and did not report the claim until the second stain that occurred six months later, your claim will be denied because it is now cumulative, overtime damage.  
    • There is an exception to this rule, if you were away from your home for an extended period and damage was done while you were gone then your claim will be covered. For example, you were on vacation and your dog had multiple accidents on your couch while you were on your trip, your claim will be approved.  
    • The first step you should take when you get a stain on your furniture is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and attempt to clean the spot. If the manufacturer’s instructions do not work, you should file a claim as soon as possible. 

    • When Safeware receives furniture claims for stains, our first step is sending you a stain kit via USPS which includes Stanley Steemer Stain Remover, ZeroOdor Scent Spray, and a cleaning towel.  

    • If the stain kit is unsuccessful, Safeware will then send a servicer to your home and professionally remove the stain.  
    • We do not cover sets, only individual pieces of furniture. 

    • For example, if one part of the set (sofa, love seat, and chair) is damaged, the whole set will not be replaced. The only replaced or repaired item will be the one that was damaged. Our protection plan states: we will fix or repair the piece, not the pieces. 
  • There are many ways to protect furniture, such as: 
    • Use furniture protectors including place mats or coasters to prevent scratches or stains on wood or glass surfaces. 

    • Use furniture polish to protect and maintain the finish on wood furniture. 

    • When cleaning furniture, use soft, clean cloths or dusters. 

    • Use furniture covers for your outdoor furniture when it is not in-use.  

    • Follow all recommended care steps provided by the manufacturer. 

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